Where to Find Good Exercise Videos Online

A variety of websites exist to help site visitors meet their exercise goals. Ranging from general sites to those focused exclusively on exercise videos, the exercises routines available can help those interested in aerobic training as well as those interested sport-specific training sky conditioning or body building.

Collage Video

Collage Video is an online company that specializes in exercise DVD’s and other videos dedicated to physical fitness. Their catalog may viewed online. A print version is available through the mail. The benefit of the online catalog offers more to site visitors, since it includes video reviews, as well as clips of the videos.

You can search for a particular video by instructor, exercise type (such as aerobics, toning, or ballet, for instance), brands (such as the Biggest Loser and Jazzercise), workout goals, equipment used and specialty (such as pregnancy, kids or arthritis videos).

DVD’s are mailed to customers and range in prices from about $12 to about $30. The company accepts returns of opened DVDs. For those who need motivation to work out, the site also contains success stories from other video purchasers who have lost weight.


Exercise.com is another site which offers various workout routines to fit your fitness goals. The videos are free and may be as short as a few seconds of a man demonstrating hammer curls, or over twenty minutes for the exercise routines.

Unlike most other the Collage videos, there is often no music to the video, only an instructor informing participants on how long a particular exercise move is supposed to be executed. Additionally, the exercise instructor demonstrates moves in front of a white background.

There are no scenic outdoor backgrounds or colorful studio settings often seen in other exercise videos. A variety of routines is available which may not be as readily available on other sites. Such routines include those for ski conditioning, getting a “beach body,” for body building, among others.


Netflix is another online site that maintains a wide variety exercise videos. Videos from various brands like Crunch Fitness and The Works with Sharon Mann can be streamed instantly or viewed on DVD’s sent though the mail. However, these videos tend to be low impact compared to videos available through Collage.

If you need a high-energy workout to feel healthy and stay in shape, then you may have to look elsewhere.

Brand Websites

Many exercise brands have their own site. For instance, the Insanity workout series is available at their website. There are three sets of Insanity videos, each ranging in price from about $90 to $119. Billy Blanks, the founder of Taebo, has a site from which his videos can be viewed and purchased.

Additionally, Julian Michaels, one of the fitness trainers from the NBC weight loss show, “The Biggest Loser,” has videos that visitors may purchase at her website.


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